Monday, July 26, 2010

Driving in waves

An eve at beach would be very normal. Usual crowd, ice cream, pop con, children etc. If you are going for some peace in mind, I am sure you wont find it there.

Last week i had a trip to Muzhapilangad beach at Tellicherry, old city of Kannur district. Known for the longest driving beach in Asia. (According to local men, I have no proof in books or records). Well its about 5 kilometers in length. You can drive a small car without worries. Still quiet and peaceful and very green as natural treasure. Thank God. Its not ruined by beach development projects.Not so plastic wastes will trouble you there.

I have been to many beaches in Kerala, I bet you its the quietest even in rainy season.Not so frightening waves or Mini tsunamis. No red flags or rocks. Beauty is added up with freshness. Sands finish up like mirror in waves. And a small island you can walk up to, where no one lives, you can be your own Robinson Crusoe there.;-)

When you have enough friends with vehicles, dont hesitate to try a 'Drag'.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Medical secrets

A very fine day after I have decided there is no more stay at Trivandrum, thinking the things to be done before my farewell, the mobile sounded famous sony ericsson tune in the early morning. It was my friend studying at medal college asking for some help.

The very thought ended with lot of patch works to be done with my teeth. I had got 'not enough' time to consult a dentist in last five years.Quickly planned for a hospital visit and told him to take an outpatient ticket.

I got quickly diagnosed even though it was very rush week. If you dont have some one there you will get an appointment three weeks later.

The state of hospital was very pathos. Tools and chairs made my thoughts to travel 'Maharaja' age. Queue of patients resembles 'BEVCO' in New year eve . Senior docs sitting like crocodile. Experienced kill time by flirting. And the whole burden fell on junior students who runs towards all patients.

A little girl came wearing doctor's coat near me. I thought some doctor's little daughter rehearsing her drama. I congratulated her for her act. She smiled and said "I am your dentist". OMG!!! .I just sat on the chair . She brought the toolbox for the 'Mega operation'. I have got no choice.. open my mouth, close my eyes and pray for a better afterlife. The dentist lamp is not working and I dont know whether she has enough eyesight to be a dentist.She drilled my tooth in every angle and cut my tongue three times. :'(  Tolerating all pain I sat with patience. Fearing the scolding worrying about the accident more than the patient, the doc said sorry for every 30 seconds. Finally the terrific drilling and filling operation of a single,simple tooth finished after tremendous  two hours. I just woke up and ran to hostel for life..

Now I know why people dont prefer medical colleges for treatment even though other hospitals are mEdicals (മേടിക്കല്‍സ്)..

Photo: Non functional mediaeval age dentist lamp at Trivandrum Medical college


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