Friday, April 30, 2010

nHazardous Fireballs

Another boring day with only studies. I hate to study subjects I dont find useful for my life. Though I started my studies 4am in the morning I could not move through one chapter. The distracted sleep gave me bad headache and I cant look into my books. OMG I am feeling 'bookofobia' (definition like hydrophobia in mad dogs, who fear water cauz they are hungry and cant drink as their jaws are locked.) and I have to read a lot but I cant... due to the bad bad headache..

I closed the books, searched room for some tajanstven for my blog. Only i could see was my useless dumbbells resting in peace. Arranged it in many angles and took many snaps. Applied negative effect in PhotoDJ.. And here is the fireballs;-) ;

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Green luminaire

The night was horrible at hostel. Mosquito bites woke me up at mid night. Tried hard to sleep again. The hot weather also prevent me from my heavenly rest. Thought of taking a slow walk around the hostel. I have took my mobile too with me. If somebody find me walking in the dream they would think that its just for some phone call.
And i got my green luminaire. A mobile charger LED lighting with its full glow.;-)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Legend of a 'd' sub shell

I loved chemistry in my elementary school. The magic that brought when Litmus paper dipped in Acid and Burning of Magnesium ribbon fantasized me. When I came to higher secondary school the depth to which I have to dig for chemical reactions and organic components gave me no choice other than to hate Chemistry.

It was before 6 years and Thank God I don't need to study Alchemy anymore. Now I am living in a hostel along with a PhD English student and an IAS aspirant. When I came to room today after lunch I feared out to see the structure in this picture.. 'A d orbital' and they were discussing about internals of atom based on a BBC's broadcast. Well I ran out of the room because I couldn't remember 2H + O2 -> H2O.

They had to offer a picture for my blog to inspire me to re enter the room. And here is the marvelous picture of 'dxy' orbital created using two five kilo dumbbells.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Information superhighway

"Information superhighway or infobahn was a popular term used to refer digital communication systems and the internet telecommunications network" according to Wikipedia.

And of course this is not a communication network or server rack. Its a speaker panel of HP laptop when its turned on.

Cryogenic supremacy

Think of a super cooled engine working at -273.16 degree Celsius, where matter exibits quantum nature like superconductivity and superfluidity,what it feels you? Happiness or sadness? Or seems like a scientific dream?
Well, the fact has nothing to do here exept giving some coolness to the water. The snap is of a pepsi bottle used to bring cold water from the cooler situated in the ground floor of our hostel.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have no choice in my mind when I roam through Midayi theruvu, Calicut along with my friends to buy a carry bag. The browsing was reaching its 5 hour wastage and  friends became impatient. Well I have this cool nature to inspire them with a Shawaya offer at Albake, the arabic restaurant. I stopped the search after I found out this logo of season's bags. 'Season - the perfect choice. ';

Toyota supernova

The heading will be the name of the concept vehicle toyota is planning to launch if I am the head of toyota's naming department. But the real thing is I am not the naming head and I dont know whether toyota has plans to make such a vehicle or a robot. The picture is just a shot of toyota's cap on my table. After adding the negative effect in PhotoDJ;

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A deadly weapon

You dont need to fear or run. Its not a deadly nuclear weapon or destructive kalashnikove. Its my room mate's old age poppy umbrella. Its shot by gripping in the hand and adjusting color balance and taking negative effect in PhotoDJ ;-);


I bet you wont recognise whats this at first sight. While i was trying to sleep in the mid noon after the lunch, my creativity insisted me to snap something for my blog. The only thing i could snap at the lazy time was my shirt!! Put in a hanger, ready to get washed;

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A wallpaper

It was my 8 hour long train journey that woke up my creative mind. I have got two choices there. Either chat on mobile or look at the roof. Well the journey was very long and i was using these two choices carefully. I saw the air hole at the roof.

Well I snapped it. Awesome when I put the cartoon effect in PhotoDJ.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Youth - A time of mental disaster

The real problem with the youth is lack of moral values and imitation of cultureless western civilization. They seems always depressed about simple things. They have only three aims. Money, girls and drugs.

If the youth is used for some creative purpose i am sure none can better do than em.

Come on people lets do something to save the youth from this disaster.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mobile Simcards - Addition to e-wastes

Most of the countries common people use only one mobile. But here in india its not the case. We have nearly 15 mobile companies giving stunning offers to customers. Most of the people have more than one sim cards. And most of the mobile companies giving away free sim cards. You only need a copy of address proof and a copy of passport size photo to get a connection. Most of the new connections will have free talk time also. So after the usage of the free calls people throw out the used sim cards along with its casing. Which is added to the global electronic garbage.

The picture above shows a better usage of the sim cards and its holders to reduce the electronic waste;

Friendship - sky is the limit

There were times when we get together in someone's home for coffee. Times we enjoyed by analyzing a week's blunders by us. Joking each other was our own hobby for time pass. I am petty sure that you can never measure there times with hours. A day can pass like seconds in there hours. Missing you all dear friends.


A wedding day is very well enjoyed by the kids. Many kids from whole familiy is getting together on some relatives marriage day and playing many games. 'robbers and cops' or 'hide and seek' are the wellknown games they used to play. They make a wedding home heavenly by their innocent games. Snapped on my friend's marriage day at Kannur

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Childhood games

Childhood - A barrierless pure friendship time. Your acts has only one barrier- your parents - yo dont need to report your boss, police or government. Your mind has no dirty thoughts. A time when Religion or sex never defines you.Every one are angels.

My dead lappy

My compaq presario has stopped its smooth working cauz of the continuous usage.. It has recorded an uptime of 8 days last month.. Now the display is corrupted and ready to get serviced.


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