Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Legend of a 'd' sub shell

I loved chemistry in my elementary school. The magic that brought when Litmus paper dipped in Acid and Burning of Magnesium ribbon fantasized me. When I came to higher secondary school the depth to which I have to dig for chemical reactions and organic components gave me no choice other than to hate Chemistry.

It was before 6 years and Thank God I don't need to study Alchemy anymore. Now I am living in a hostel along with a PhD English student and an IAS aspirant. When I came to room today after lunch I feared out to see the structure in this picture.. 'A d orbital' and they were discussing about internals of atom based on a BBC's broadcast. Well I ran out of the room because I couldn't remember 2H + O2 -> H2O.

They had to offer a picture for my blog to inspire me to re enter the room. And here is the marvelous picture of 'dxy' orbital created using two five kilo dumbbells.

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