Friday, April 30, 2010

nHazardous Fireballs

Another boring day with only studies. I hate to study subjects I dont find useful for my life. Though I started my studies 4am in the morning I could not move through one chapter. The distracted sleep gave me bad headache and I cant look into my books. OMG I am feeling 'bookofobia' (definition like hydrophobia in mad dogs, who fear water cauz they are hungry and cant drink as their jaws are locked.) and I have to read a lot but I cant... due to the bad bad headache..

I closed the books, searched room for some tajanstven for my blog. Only i could see was my useless dumbbells resting in peace. Arranged it in many angles and took many snaps. Applied negative effect in PhotoDJ.. And here is the fireballs;-) ;

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