Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mangifera Similiaritica

What is this fruit? Anyone have some idea? Will tell you the features. It has pleasant odor like a passion fruit, shape like a ripe mango, without any seed or lengthy fiber or sweet flesh inside. Skin is thinner than passion fruit but thicker than a mango.

I have queried all my inmates about this tajanstven fruit and the result was zero(The main objective was whether it can be eaten). Everyone failed  at least to classify the object. So  I thought I will have to do the process for science J. May be a class of ‘Mangifera’ and a name ‘Similiaritica’ (as similar to mango) will do the purpose and send a file to International Commission for Scientific Nomenclature.

The theory of discovery of fruit is described below.

The eve of World Labor day emptied the streets of Trivandrum. Me along with my roomie having a road trip on my antique bike after boring studies (Compelled to be studied). Oops something fell in front of us and we missed the hit. Stopped the bike and looked back.. “Wow a big Mango”.. leapt over and took it, jumped back to bike in a flash(We were not intelligent like Newton to think). There was two reason for the quick action. We don’t wanna others take the great treasure before us and we couldn’t tolerate a fame name “Mango thieves” if the secretariat camera take our snap. ;)

Rushed back to hostel, picked the knife, and cut the fruit in two pieces. Big for me and Small for my roomie.. ;) OMG.. I was April fooled after a month.. L

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