Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Dubber man"

A well bored day sitting in front of the books dreaming about impossible things, I could recollect something about my blogs and past. I searched the room for the ‘new story’ for my blog. Resting on my table crossing my hands after searching long time for a ‘tajanstven’. My eyes catched the pile of ‘dubber bands’ at the corner of the table. The remainder of our food parcels.

Yes, we have no canteen or mess hall; we used to eat food outside till last month. And some of our friends found out a man who delivers food at your doorsteps three times a day. Its homely food and you need to pay nominally. The food was covered with a wrapper and tied with rubber band. We keep our rubber bands and threw the food waste to bin.

The term ‘dubber band’ is used when we were at Kindergarten and its main purpose was in the ‘dubber band shooter’. A small elastic ‘device’ made by tying some rubber bands and plugs in a ‘Y’ shaped stick. Which can shoot thick paper pieces towards anything and anyone. Was our primary weapon at nursery times .

I tied some rubber bands together to make the shooter. No.. its really not working as a solution for the blog. I angrily threw them on my table.. Whew..!!! the arrangement it took at the table shown some lights in me.. Tried to arrange them in many combination gave me my wonderful ‘dubber man’ 

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