Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some plate concepts

A plate is “Dish on which food is served or from which food is eaten” according to the WordWeb Dictionary. According to me it’s a prime discovery of human being like wheel and fire. A multipurpose, multishaped, multimaterialed and multicolored object which has got its most important objective on helping out human in one of the primary need  –food.

A plate has got many purposes in the society. While normal people found its use in eating and distributing food, beggars, political and religious organizations etc have another good agenda with plates –collecting money. And even some psychos gather various types of plates for their collection. I fear if I describe all the areas where plates are utilized, google will have to expand its datacenter upto Jupiter.
Plates can be made up of most of the materials available in planet earth. Plastic, steel, Gold, Porcelain and diamond etc are used for manufacturing of plates. Greener solutions are with natural recyclable resources like paper, plant leaves and planks of wood. The normal usage and the plate material usage are directly proportional to the money in hand factor of people.

Enough for the concept.  The above shot was taken at my study table while waiting for the food parcel to be delivered by the catering agent. 

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